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FabCity, the city of the future

During the Netherlands’ EU Presidency more than four hundred students, professionals, artists and creatives worked on the city of the future. FabCity was a sustainable urban environment where they could develop, create, research and present their solutions to urban issues.

FabCity was a temporary and freely accessible campus opened from 11 April to 26 June on the tip of Amsterdam’s Java Island. It comprised around fifty innovative pavilions, as well as installations and prototypes.

Europe in 2040

On this temporary campus research was done into the future of Europe in 2040. Will the European Union still exist? What will our cities look like? Who will live in cities? How will we travel and communicate? How will we meet our energy needs? What food will we eat and where will it come from?

Sustainable, circular and autonomous

For the ten weeks that the campus was operational, FabCity’s inhabitants abandoned old urban systems. They went in search of new connections in their own sustainable, circular and autonomous ways. Inhabitants generated their own energy, drew drinking water directly from the IJ and got milk and eggs from the cows and chickens kept on the tip of the island. Other food was sourced from local farmers.

The campus was part of Europe by People, the cultural programme organised in the margins of the Netherlands’ EU Presidency.

Opening FAB city Amsterdam by the mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan and the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker.

A modular, wooden building, based on the principle of extreme durability.

A multiple axis 3D printing tool. This tool allows to 3D print strong, complex and gracious structures, out of sustainable materials.

World in a Shell (WiaS) is an autarkic, mobile and autonomous art installation. It can be changed into a cinema, a stage for theatre, space for workshops and meetings.

Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Ploumen closed the cultural programme of the Netherlands EU-presidency in FabCity.

(c) Maartje Strijbis - Amsterdam